UPDATE: Public Storage says “We Stopped Allowing Customers to Make Payment Arrangements Back in 2010”

Our correspondent in Morton Grove, IL – a five-year tenant at Public Storage in Morton Grove whose property has been stolen by Public Storage and is slated for auction on April 23 – has informed us that he received an email from a factotum at Public Storage named “Paulo C.”, who says that  “I would like to inform [sic] that as of December 2010, Public Storage is no longer issuing payment arrangements.”

So, sometime back in late 2010, the corporate vultures at Public Storage decided that they would do away with the “old skool” method of dealing with customers in a polite and decent manner and would begin to immediately set about legally stealing people’s family heirlooms and valuable property if those customers fell behind on their rent payments!  “No payment arrangements!  Stand and Deliver, or we’ll steal your stuff!  We’re Public Storage!  Pay up or we’ll steal your stuff!”  Public Storage abandoned the time-honored and universally expected custom of allowing customers to make arrangements to pay off their rent arrears BEFORE initiating lien proceedings.  No more.  With self-storage space at a premium, and with the storage companies’ Washington lobbying efforts bearing fruit year after year in the form of more pro-company legislation, these predatory storage companies are now taking advantage of the laws (that they have written in many cases) to steal their customers’ property!  There really is no other way to look at it!

What a way to run a business!

And get this: the factotum says that Public Storage “appreciates” their long-term customers!

Here is the full text of the missive from the Public Storage hireling:


Customer Service onyx@publicstorage.com
to me, pcacciatore
Dear Mr. [xxxxxxxx],
Thank you for contacting Public Storage Customer Service. I would like to inform that as of December 2010, Public Storage is no longer issuing payment arrangements. To avoid auction, a full payment must be received before the auction date. Not only will a full payment remove your items from auction, but it will also grant you full access to your unit. For further information on the exact date and time of the auction, you may contact your local Property Manager. We do appreciate your business and your continued tenure.

Thank You

Paulo C. – Customer Service Support


“We do appreciate your business and your continued tenure”!  What a joke!

Only in the United States could a company get away with something like this.  Anywhere else in the world, these people would be in jail for even attempting to do this kind of highway robbery.  Already,

we have seen video of a Public Storage customer in Lincolnwood, Illinois getting tasered by police for attempting to stop the auctioning off of his property.  Public Storage is playing with their customers’ lives – and their employees’ lives as well.  It is only a matter of time before some enraged Public Storage customer whose family heirlooms were auctioned off to the bottom-feeding scum from “Storage Wars” takes the law into his or her own hands and exacts revenge on the employees of the company.  When your corporate greed reaches such a level that your CEO gives the green light to the employees to start stealing people’s family photos and precious family mementos, you can be sure that sooner or later someone will be made to pay for such savagery.  Unfortunately, it probably won’t be the CEO of Public Storage who gets shuffled off this mortal coil ahead of schedule; it’ll be one of the minimum-wage debt slaves working at one of Public Storage’s facilities that will pay the price.  But of course the Public Storage corporate scumbags don’t give a rat’s ass about their employees any more than they do about their customers.

Our correspondent has been attempting to push his complaint up the chain of command at Public Storage; but as you can see, they just keep denying his appeal and sending it back to the lower court that has OK’d the auctioning off of all his property – the “local Property Manager”.  Our correspondent is not going to let these swine get away with their scheme, however.  He says he will keep us posted as the situation continues to develop.

This is just another reason why we say: PUBLIC STORAGE SUCKS!

2 responses to “UPDATE: Public Storage says “We Stopped Allowing Customers to Make Payment Arrangements Back in 2010”

  1. We made a payment on 6/30 by credit card of $57.00. We received a call a week later that our payment was rejected from the bank. Here’s the thing we did not pay by bank acct we paid by credit card. They had the last 4 numbers of my cc number and some random routing and acct number that apparantly was suppose to be our acct. We were told to call corporate corporate could not help us so then we were referred to Ms NakIA Bremner, who was rude sarcastic, and just mean didn’t want to help us. Then we went higher up to Dave Khadija numerous times to get a hold of him and he only called from privare numbers and after hours. He too had no explanation except to tell my husband that I made the mistake and put the wrong acct number in, pure bullshit. He would not wrk with us with the fees or do anything. It’s not right or fair. I’m going to pay the 250.00 which is now the total from the original $57.00. My whole life is in that storage they could care less.. We are moving out of Public Storage then I’m calling my attorney and sueing them for the pure hell and stress they have put us through because their systom failed. Oh yea and now the last 4 of my cc is missing and there’s no record of it. Along with my online acct it’s showing no payment was every made. On top of it they have raised my storage 13.00 6 times in 2 years. We paid extra in May so our bill was only half due now we owe 5 times that amount. I will do whatever I have to do, call an attorney, the news, the BBB and whatever I have to do to destroy and hurt them like they have done to us. They are crooks, dishonest and I will do whatever I can to close them dow. They are greedy and just a poor excuse for a company, shame on them and their employees who are heartless and have no shame but to rip people off. They are low life scumbag bags and I will get everyone they screwed over involved in this lawsuit mark my words they won’t be hurting anyone anymore.


    • What a way to treat a customer! If you fall behind on rent they treat you like they don’t even know you at all no matter how many years you have been making payments on time. They just get ready to pounce on your mistakes and make as much money as possible off of you. They KNOW they are holding your most valuable possessions in their hands and they take every advantage of that. They are truly predatory scumbags: that’s why we say: PUBLIC STORAGE WANTS TO STEAL YOUR STUFF! and it’s also why we named this website “PUBLIC STORAGE SUCKS”!

      Public Storage Sucks


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