Welcome to “Public Storage Sucks”!

We welcome you to our new blog: “Public Storage Sucks”!  Here you will find verified reports from actual victims of the Public Storage company’s operations all over the United States and beyond.  How the company deliberately conspires to steal people’s goods by first enticing desperate people being thrown out of their homes and apartments into renting with them by offering a phony “$1 Move-In” come-on and then charging extortionate late payment fees when you are just a few days late making a payment, then adding lock-cutting fees and other fees until they finally get to do what they wanted all along: STEAL YOUR STUFF!

We ourselves are currently going through such a scam.  After renting from Public Storage for 6 years and paying them over $14,400 over that time to store our belongings, they have chosen to attack us for being 1.5 months late due to a sudden interruption of our income due to WINTER STORMS and now are going to seize our stuff and auction it off because we owe them $535.00 ($130 of which is “late fees” and other bogus charges) for February and March (the space costs just $202.00 a month to rent).  This is how “Public Storage” becomes “Public Stealage” in our way of looking at it.  This kind of behavior should be illegal in Illinois, but thanks to our criminally corrupt legislature of bribed scumbags in the Democratic and Republican parties, these kinds of swindles proliferate not just here in Illinois but all over the United States.  We’ll be publishing more details of this particular swindle very soon.  In the meantime, send us your stories so that together we can warn our fellow citizens that “PUBLIC STORAGE WANTS TO STEAL YOUR STUFF”!

3 responses to “Welcome to “Public Storage Sucks”!

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    Storage Companies are the greedest people around. I managed a couple of stories. They provide the mangers with housing. On the property, which means you are on duty 24/7. If you want the idiott in the parking lot to go away, you have to go downstairs and let him out of the gate. All with no pay of course. Then they pay you a little over minimum wage. They have you over a barrel. If you quit your job, you have to move too.


    • Public Storage Sucks!

      Thanks for your response! You are the first commenter on our blog!! Congratulations!
      Your coment is very important in showing how these storage companies don’t just lure in customers with their “Move in Free!” cons, they also lure in employees with promises of ‘free housing” which, as you say, then becomes a kind of economic trap because they won’t pay you enough to be able to save enough to move out. It’s like what the companies did back in the “good old days” with company housing at infamous places like Pullman, Illinois and the coal fields.

      Thanks for writing and we hope you’re no longer a prisoner at your place of employment! Maybe we’ll have to start a new website for each of these storage companies!

      — Public Storage Sucks!


      • 1wanderingtruthseeker

        I finally got out with the help of a friends guest bedroom while I go better employment and saved a liitle. Good luck with your campaign!


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